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The Val Nervia, ideal place for long walks in the woods on foot or by jeep, is the starting point of the great crossing is called the “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” (High path on the Ligurian mountains) where you discover the most hidden Liguria, away from noisy and congested beaches.
The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is not only a long route along the ridge that runs through the whole range of Liguria, it is also, and above all, the backbone of a vast and diverse network of trails that span the entire region, connecting the coastal towns with the hinterland and with the tops of the mountains.

Other possible and beautiful excursions on foot or jeep are:
The“Sentiero degli alpini” (Path of the Alpine soldiers) passes through different environments: the French side is absorbed by beautiful larch trees and rhododendrons that despite the war, convey a great sense of peace and serenity; the south side has a rough appearance given by high rocky cliffs in which a private firm, during the war of '15-18, had dug narrow passages, which were essential for the transport of arms and provisioning.
The “Balcone di Marta” (Martha’s balcony) was used to preside a “Security Zone” that was supposed to stop the enemy subjecting it to a drastic crossfire; in the initial design of the Genius, had also arisen areas for the resistanceand deployment, right behind the first line and equipped to resist isolated for some time.
The “Forest of Testa d'Alpe”) is one of the most beautiful forests in Liguria dominated by firs, maples and pines; the ridge areas are predominantly composed by herbaceous vegetation. The valley of the River Barbaira, has a wild charm, and ithas ponds and waterfalls of natural interest and great landscape value. The substrate is composed by calcareous sandstone and limestone “nummulitici” and it has many hypogeal holes that make the area great for those interested in speleology.
Rocchetta Nervina and its mountains are also part of the Natural Park of Ligurian Alps and within a few kilometers you can reach the Mercantour National Park (http://www.mercantour.eu).

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