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A Brief History ... evolution of this site

chronicle written by the webmaster (Diego Ferin)

The versions of the site over the years :

  • 1998 - 2001The first version of the site dates back to 1998 and was developed by the owner (Mr. Franco Christian). The graphics were very 'primitive', animations present were performed with animated gif or small applet. They present a brief description of the hotel's and agritourism's facilities, a page on the history and with the deals. Even in this first version there was the ability to view the information in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German).
  • 2001 - 2004In the first version that I have personally taken care of, there were 2 domains and 2 independent sites, one for the 'Hotel Restaurant LagoBin' and one for 'Agritourism Le Morghe'. In both pages were structured in frames, and there were 2 animated intro made with Flash ©. A new feature was the introduction of a system of booking online, which allowing customers to book your stay directly from the site, paying a deposit by credit card.
  • 2005 - 2008In this version was completely rebuilt the only site of 'Hotel Restaurant LagoBin': abandoned the frame design, the pages used a layout structure in a div and css stylesheet for the look and feel. Compared to the previous version, either the home page (where it had been redone the intro) that the inside pages had a fixed width independent of screen resolution. It was also changed the font used for the text and menu items more readable than the previous version.
  • 2008 - 2013This is the version previous to the current one, and has remained on line until April 2013. The major innovations was to incorporate the pages dedicated to Agritourism within the site/domain lagobin.it dedicated to the hotel. The home page no longer had the initial intro, but immediately showed links to the various pages, using graphics as the logo of 'Hotel Restaurant LagoBin' (the wheel of a mill) divided into segments with change and sunburst image effects on mouseover on individual items. Also in this version, both for the home and for the inside pages, there is a predominant use of Flash ©, and the effects on the menu for displaying images, and especially for the virtual tour, was completely redone compared with 2 previous versions.
  • 2013 - ....It 's the current version of the site, completely redone from previous versions. The layout of the pages has been completely redesigned, widening the pages in width. All pages use technology Html/Css3/JavaScript and was completely abandoned the use of objects swf (Flash ©) within the pages. All pages have a drop down menu divided into 7 main macro subjects, through which you can reach every page of the site. To change the language also does not need to return to the home page as in previous versions, but from every page you can go directly to the corresponding page in other languages.

If you want to view the previous version of the site, you can do so by clicking this link :http://oldsite.lagobin.it

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