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One Hotel, Many People, a Great Family ...

The elegant property of Lago Bin starts from a modest rustic building bought in 1956 by Antonio and Margherita Carabalona. They cultivated flowers, aromatic plants and fruit in the surrounding soil for about 2 years... until Margherita decided to make available her culinary talent to hunters and tourists passing by.
Back then we ate on rough tables covered by tablecloths from her bridal trousseau... for the name they took inspiration from an old local character "U Gubbin", a hunchback who used to sell the water of the river below the building in times of drought.

The hotel has always been run within the family, after Antonio and Margherita was directed by Mrs. Maria Grazia and her husband Livio, who now had been joined by their son and daughter Christian and Marianna and their daughter-in-law, Cecilia, who along with a team of professionals in catering and hotel management are waiting to offer you the better services !

Generations follow one another, traditions and quality remain intact.

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